Welcome to Heretic T-Shirts

A "heretic" is 1) One who believes a doctrine (rule, ethic) contrary to the established hope ("faith") or prevailing world view ("religion") of the herd, 2) A person who holds controversial opinions, or 3) A person who thinks, speaks, or writes ideas which are hated by coercive pecking-order (social-hierarchy) based herd groups known as "secular" (state/nation) and/or "ecclesiastical" (church) "governments".

This website is dedicated to the memory of all the bravehearts who, throughout history have given their lives for their beliefs and the individual freedoms of self-ownership, self-determination, thought and speech for which they uncompromisingly stood firm. We honor these bravehearts by producing T-shirts with their pictures on the front. Any and all persons who like the idea, hate  Orwellian-Newspeak, Big-Brother, control-freak, government, and want to honor the memory of history's bravehearts can do so by wearing a genuine Heretic T-Shirt.

If you should happen to agree with us that our precious 1st Amendment freedoms of thought and speech are becoming seriously endangered and threated with extinction by the groupthink anti-individual-freedom, anti-free-speech insanity known as "political correctness", we would encourage you to proudly wear a Heretic T-Shirt as a symbol of your active support for the freedoms of thought and speech. And be sure to tell all your like-minded, freedom-loving friends where you got your genuine Heretic T-Shirt!

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