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A "heretic" is 1) One who believes a doctrine (rule, ethic) contrary to the established hope ("faith") or prevailing world view ("religion") of the herd, 2) A person who holds controversial opinions, or 3) A person who thinks, speaks, or writes ideas which are hated by coercive pecking-order (social-hierarchy) based herd groups known as "secular" (state/nation) and/or "ecclesiastical" (church) "governments".

This website is dedicated to the memory of all the bravehearts who, throughout history have given their lives for their beliefs and the individual freedoms of self-ownership, self-determination, thought and speech for which they uncompromisingly stood firm. We honor these bravehearts by producing T-shirts with their pictures on the front. Any and all persons who like the idea, hate  Orwellian-Newspeak, Big-Brother, control-freak, government, and want to honor the memory of history's bravehearts can do so by wearing a genuine Heretic T-Shirt.

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 to go to the HERETIC T-SHIRTS IMAGE GALLERY. We add new images on a regular basis, so be sure to check back often to see what's new! The Heretic "image gallery" section contains a thumbnail of each Heretic image which is available on various merchandise items. Click on the thumbnail image to see an enlarged view of that image. Once you have browsed the images and chosen the one/s you like, you can either go to the Heretic T-Shirt Store front, browse around, find, and make your selection/s of sections and merchandise items, OR, better yet, go to the "Heretic Merchandise" section below, and click on the image/s you have chosen, which will take you directly to the section of the Heretic T-Shirt Store  which contains all the merchandise which has the selected image on it. When you click on an individual item, you will be taken to a shopping cart page where you can select things like size, color, and number of items, and then complete your purchase. It's a piece of cake!

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